Advanced Support


Advanced supportAdvanced support – For Advanced Computer Support we mean assistance provided on servers, routers, Man – Wan, Vpn or Lan networks in the presence of servers.

GO on NET through its team of technical support and development of IT solutions, is dedicated to providing its customers with all the know-how necessary to ensure an optimal level of business continuity by maintaining a high quality standard.

The GO on NET Advanced IT Support Service is aimed at both small and medium-sized companies that intend to design, manage and monitor their IT structure in outsourcing or support.

Customers can thus concentrate on the development of their core business while we take care of the improvement and maintenance of the structure in terms of servers, clients and network devices.

We build a help-desk service or support your staff on complex projects where you need support: we have strong skills in server management, systems virtualization, LAN, Wan and Vpn networks management, VoIP telephony and Cloud services.