Basic Assistence

Basic AssistenceBasic Assistence

Basic Assistence of GO on NET is to offer on individual PCs or Workstations, such as installation of the operating system, programs to add, remove, or configure see Office, Adobe or any other suite.

It also covers networking of individual machines and troubleshoot network problems in the absence of the server.

All the programs for which you require the intervention must be properly licensed.

Even maintenance work on the hard disk of the PC as replacements, defrags or removal of viruses fall in the price of Basic Service: GO on NET.

You bought a new computer and want to install an operating system other than the pre-set?
Want to change the existing operating system on your current computer but do not know where to start?

Are you afraid of losing your data?
We can help thinking about everything.

We offer our help for problems with the installation of software or if you compose a PC no longer work perfectly with the Basic Assistence GO on NET Common solve every problem.