Hosting Management CMS

Hosting Management CMS

Hosting Management CMS

GO on NET provides Hosting Management CMS or rather the management of advanced content management system (CMS). To use this service you must be a registered user and agree on a strategy. Registered customers do not have access to a control panel but to a phone number through which they can contact a technician who can perform all operations on the hosting server such as:

  • Statistics Management
  • Backup Management
  • Manage keywords for indexing
  • Monitoring bandwidth consumed
  • If necessary, move the site to other servers, including foreign

We always guarantee the customer the best optimization of the website also relying on foreign companies depending on the customer’s needs and conditions of the lines can also change suddenly.

Content creation is a problematic issue in the web. GO on NET provides customer support outsourcing editorial also managing the constant updating of the site, in order to solve all the problems related to the style of drafting texts, at the time of publication and the usefulness of the multimedia system.

We realize also websites whose contents can be updated directly by the customer due to additional web pages, without requiring our intervention or the intervention of others. With this tool you can:

  • Update and edit content
  • Delete contents
  • Insert new contents

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop are the main platforms that we support.

The cost of hosting management CMS that includes any transfers to better manage the usability and speed of the site and the network is fixed at:  € 179,00 / year.