Data Recovery

Data RecoveryData Recovery

Loss of data, despite all the precautions to be taken as is considered appropriate, it is more common than you might imagine. Data can be lost due to a failure of hardware, such as hard drive crash, but also for other contributing factors: operator error, software malfunction, viruses, natural disasters, hacking, accidental formatting, power surges, physical damage, deletion of the FAT. Thanks to our industry experience, we can offer an excellent service with the utmost Data Recovery will recover your data even in the most complex cases with special techniques and collaborations developed over the years.

Data Recovery

Anyone who has anything to do with computers usually knows what it means to delete a file by mistake or being in front of a malfunction that sends smoke-year-mails, documents, and photographs. When it happens, we tend to think of being persecuted by misfortune, but it is not: data loss is a very common thing, many users do not even attempt the recovery.

What are my chances of getting a good Data Recovery? The success rate is around 90%. And a good part of that 10% that is missing depends not so much on the type of damage suffered by the disk as the clumsy attempts of repair made by those who have done or discovered the damage. The first cause of request data recovery, in fact, is precisely that of human error: just a moment of inattention and the trouble is done. At this point, if the person who deleted the data is directed immediately to a specialized center is usually retrieves everything without problems. If it starts making attempts little noticed, maybe installing the recovery software, you may delete the data forever.

We perform Data Recovery with Restore the contents of the hard disk. We can offer the maximum guarantee of recovering files and data on mass storage devices when they are no longer usable due to electronic or mechanical problems, sudden power outages, application errors, software problems, all types of viruses, formatting, or accidental deletion, sabotage and hacking.

Data Recovery

Sometimes the damage is not our fault. In cases where the damage is mechanical, so it has manifested a true “failure” to the mechanical parts, the Data Recovery becomes more expensive but the chances are still good. As long as you contact structures that have a warehouse of spare parts very well stocked: heads, arms and clamps are not all the same and already after 3 years a hard drive becomes an archaeological difficult to retrieve. For this reason, those who deal with data recovery has to buy every month hundreds of records (more than one for every model available) in order to keep them in stock and “cannibalize” the pieces to re-start those customers. The purpose of data recovery is not to return to customers the old hd back up and running, but to put it back on for the time required to extract the data and then hand over it to the owner. The old disc is usually removed and disposed of in a safe manner.

It may happen that the Hard Disk miss a shot and lose the log does not “remember” more like and where he scattered the files on the disk. Here are the experts who know in great depth the logic of management software for hard disks and try to interpret what the dishes are. When they can find the key to the problem, rewrite the firmware of the disk in order to make possible the recovery data.

A very important thing to know is that some of the new SSD drives, solid state drives, which we find in notebooks are encrypted. Protecting data is a good thing, to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it. Many manufacturers at the time, adopt a system that encrypts data on disk, and makes them unreadable if any component is changed or replaced. This does not change anything from the standpoint of safety because the disk (still working) can be mounted on another PC without any problems, but if a failure were to make it necessary to replace one of the control chip, the data recovery become impossible.