Networking Lan Man Wan

Networking Lan Man Wan

Networking Lan Man Wan

Security in networking Lan Man Wan

GO on NET performs periodic analyzes of vulnerability of the corporate network, identifying gaps in the system, implementation of pianos safety, implementation of firewall, antispam, antivirus, and system management of passwords, encrypted communications systems, client / server architectures to high security.

Outsourcing in Lan Man Wan

GO on NET provides a global service outsourcing remote management of the network, providing network administration, management of mail servers and workgroups, and back-up your data daily, management and business start-up surfing, analysis of data transiting on the network, periodic monitoring of system resources, creating plans longevity of software and hardware on each piece of equipment.


Lan Man Wan: Networking

GO on NET provides the customer with the best solutions business, taking care of the corporate network from design and development to maintenance, ensuring the safety and tranquility of the customer.


Lan Man Wan: Network Architecture

GO on NET, thanks to its experience in Microsoft operating systems and Cisco System, provides a service for analysis, design and subsequent installation of networks:

  • Lan (Local Area Network – Office network),
  • Man (Metropolitan Area Network – Network of the city),
  • Wan (Wide Area Network – The Internet),
  • Vpn (Virtual Private Network as a network between plants),
  • Wireless (wireless networks).

Creation of websites:

  • Internet (Sites of traditional network Wan hosted on servers outside the company / organization)
  • Intranet (Business Sites on Lan – VPN allowing access only to the Company / Organization)
  • Extranet (Business Sites on networks Man – Wan that also allow access to external users)

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