Database – Data Processing

Database - Data ProcessingDatabase – Data Processing

GO on NET can manage and optimize the flow of data in your corporate network, developing robust applications, modular, advanced and compatible with any network structure, creating virtual teams and corporate intranets and creating ad hoc software for the ‘data processing or information exchange between heterogeneous devices (PCs, Mobile Voice-SMS, Fax, Laser Guns barcode readers).

Database – Data Processing

We can design for your website through which to manage data bases:

  • Master users and customers
  • On-line Booking
  • Management & Storage
  • Questionnaires and self-assessment test
  • Sale of products

Databases can be multimedia (images, sounds, movies) so as to make communication richer and cover several needs. Contents of the database can be updated independently from you through appropriate web pages to you, thanks to which to enter new products, new services, etc. … Visitor interacting with the site’s pages, insert data into the database (booking flights, I own data, their preferences, etc …)
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