Web Analysis

Web AnalysisWeb Analysis

The main phases of a project Web Analysis, be it on an existing site or a new one are:

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Web analytics competitors to identify opportunities and threats
  • Market analysis, target services and / or products to promote
  • Statistical Analysis and Control


Web AnalysisGO on NET will analyze the real needs of the customer web project planning according to a logical scheme.

Analysis of Web sites competing allows the identification of strengths and weaknesses to use to create their own strategy on the network. The comparison with the competitor’s website must lead to the creation of a standalone site and completely original but is inspired by criteria of consistency with the other category.

Market Analysis is intended to identify the business situation of the client in relation to its market sector, identifies potential customers to better focus the range of products and services on the network.

Statistical Analysis and Control monitors in real time the user’s reaction to the site, so as to make timely changes and additions. Evaluate the achievement of objectives in the short to medium term, again in order to apply the appropriate corrections. This strategic action is constant.